Teach for 2020

Teach for 2020

Teach for 2020 is a podcast where teachers have conversations about the tools they use in the process of great teaching. Each episode the host, a middle school teacher, talks to a different educator about the role of technology in their classroom, and how it enhances the learning process. These educators will come from a variety of cities and school districts, and each will have something unique to share.

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    High-Tech Classroom: Students Have Fun Testing Google Expeditions

    In this episode of Teach for 2020, Gabrielle is back with Keri Reno, Katie Kortuem, as well as school principal Jillayne Antoon to talk about their Google Expeditions day! Here’s a little background: Keri is the technology specialist and Katie is a second grade teacher at a school outside of Sacramento, CA. Keri was coordinating a Google Expedition Day for about 1,000 students from K2 through K8. There are lots of moving parts in any special project, and one at this scale is not small undertaking. I’ve been waiting to hear how it went, so let’s get to it! If you missed the previous show about the planning, be sure to listen.

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    Why Brandon Herder Flipped His Science Class

    When the AP board changed its expectations for student assessment on the AP Biology exam, Brandon Herder did a flip. He flipped his classroom.

    If you aren’t familiar, a flipped classroom looks different than a traditional classroom. The teacher no longer stands in front of the class leading a discussion, but instead moves content that can be front-loaded at home. I wrote about it in more detail in a recent post here In Herder’s case, the AP Biology teacher at the Cannon School in Concord, North Carolina switched up his curriculum, giving students ways to get in deep with the material they were studying. Gone were the days of simple regurgitation of a lot of facts. Students are expected to demonstrate higher-level, critical thinking. They need to solve complicated problems, showing how they are synthesizing concepts into new ideas.

    We talk about Herder’s flipped science class in today’s episode.

    Herder relies on the school’s learning system, Haiku Learning, to deliver videos, notes, and activities he creates. He incorporates the online version of the class’s textbook, Campbell Biology, into the lessons, as well.

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    Should Technology Be Used 100% of the Time in the Classroom?

    Technology in the classroom can be exciting and puzzling. Should digital SmartBoards be on all the time? When should a teacher rely on iPads or other devices? Eric Prileson teaches 7th grade science in a town outside of Boston. He uses his SmartBoard and iPads regularly, but not for the full class. In this episode, we talk about technology tools teachers use and how to incorporate them into the day so they become part of the lesson, without being a novelty and / or overused.

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    Students Take Virtual Reality Tour Using Google Expeditions

    In this episode of Teach for 2020, Gabrielle talks with Keri Reno and Katie Korteum. Keri is the technology integration specialist and Katie Korteum is a second grade teacher at a school outside of Sacramento, California. They are working with several other teachers on a special Google Expeditions day to be held mid-November. Google Expeditions are “immersive journeys” designed for anyone who wants to explore a new place, virtually. Google is piloting the program with schools worldwide through its Expeditions Pioneer Program. Sign-up, and a Googler will come to your school with all the equipment needed, including Google Cardboard, wrap-around viewers that transport students on virtual field trips.

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    Tech-Savvy Teacher Pays It Forward To Tech-Hungry Students

    In episode 5, Gabrielle talks with Hilary Cuevas-Balanon, a fourth grade teacher in the Poway District in Southern California. Balanon is no stranger to technology. In the early days of the web, she taught herself HTML so she could build a class blog to connect her classroom and its parent community. Now, in her 22nd year in the classroom, she is a tech mentor, helping other teachers use their district’s Learning Management System effectively, and introducing them to the Behavior Management System, ClassDojo.

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    Why 1:1 offers teachers an advantage in the classroom

    In episode 3, Gabrielle talks with Laura Baker Smith, a fourth grade teacher in Oklahoma City who has implemented a 1:1 system in her class using iPads. We’ll talk about the hardware challenges of 1:1, how she can monitor her students’ learning more efficiently and personally in a 1:1 room, and some of the tools she’s using right now.

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    Podcasts as a Teaching Tool

    In episode 2, Gabrielle talks with a former English teacher about the power of podcasts both as a way to flip a classroom and expand the conversation, and as a medium for students to present their analysis of the texts they read.

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    Intro: What Does Teaching for 2020 Mean?

    Welcome to Teach for 2020, conversations with teachers about the tools they use in the practice of good teaching. The podcast host, Gabrielle Hedlund, is a middle school teacher who will talk with educators about the role of technology in the classroom, and how it enhances the learning process. In Episode One, Gabrielle kicks things off by chatting with Bradley Chambers, a school IT Director, about how technology has changed the classroom environment over the past decade.